Streamline meeting minutes with MinutScript

MinutScript is a meeting management software, developed to minimize time spent and maximize effectivity. With automatic transcription build-in, just press record and you are ready to share and edit your meeting minutes.

Just press record and let MinutScript handle the rest.

Enjoy never having to write boring meeting minutes again. Our app is simple to use. Just press a button to record and MinutScript will transcribe everything. Boost productivity by focusing on your meeting.

Simple to edit and share your document

Never worry about how to edit and share your meeting minutes again. With the build-in editor, you can now edit your automaticly transcribed documents and easily share it with colleagues with our integrated system.

Travel back in time with our search function.

Roads? Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads. Search for keywords or particpants and go through past meetings with the integrated search function.

Online meetings

MinutScript supports your teams favorite online meeting platform.

Identify participants

MinutScript will automaticly identify meeting participants, and keep track of who is talking.

No storing of data

The recording of your meeting is only saved temporarily, and always deleted afterwards.

Calendar integration

By synchronizing MinutScript with your calendar, it will be able to retrieve relevant information prior to the meeting.

Language support

Bonjour, Guten Tag and Hola. MinutScript is powered by Googles Speech-to-text Engine, and supports a wide variety of langauges.

Broadcast minutes

Easy to share your broadcast with participants and colleagues.

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